The Cost of Filing Backruptcy

Because each client’s case is different, and some cases are more complex than others, the cost of filing bankruptcy may be different for each circumstance. Regardless of the fee that is charged, you can be assured that Owen Legal Services will work diligently to set up a fee payment plan with reasonable installments tailored to your circumstances. Please understand that due to bankruptcy rules, all fees must be paid to the attorney prior to the filing of the bankruptcy case.

Every client that files for bankruptcy can expect to pay certain costs in addition to their attorney fees. The filing fee for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Ohio is $335. The filing fee for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is $310. These costs are paid directly to the bankruptcy court when the case is filed. However, a client can expect to pay other costs. First and foremost, there is the cost of taking a compulsory credit counseling class both before and after filing bankruptcy. Each class costs anywhere from $10 to $40. Normally, this cost is paid by the client directly to the company offering the class. However, we can help facilitate these classes if necessary.

Finally, there are certain costs that are dependent upon a client’s circumstances. Examples include: title searches, obtaining tax transcripts, credit repair services, post-bankruptcy discharge, tax discharge analysis, appraisals of real estate, etc. The attorney will discuss these costs with you at your initial consultation, and if they apply to your case. Please be aware though that additional costs may be incurred as a client's case is developed.